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I swim, therefore I am

Wednesday June 19, 2013

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LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 74, Water temp 79
Partly sunny, humidity at 88%

Warm Up
1000 RIMO by 250
4x150 FR on 1:00 rest, build by 50 as (100RA/LA-4 strokes each/50CU)

*Set 1*
5(2x50 FR Fast on 2:00, 100 BK/FR) *32s-31s

*Set 2*
5x200 FR on 3:30 w/snorkel-agility paddles
as 150 CU, 50 Strong
---200 BK/FR by 100

*Set 2*
3(2x50 FR Fast on 2:00, 100 EZ BK/FR) from dive off blocks
*1)29.0, 28.3
*2)28.4, 28.2
*3)28.0, 28.5
--300 BK

*Set 3*
1200 FR Steady SPL-24/26 with snorkel-agility paddles-fins

Warm Down
600 FR Smooth

After the 3K Swim last Thursday in Sarasota, I swam a few times in my community HOA pool, and then returned yesterday to regular training with a 5200 LCM IM and FR endurance workout. I will be phasing in daily IM/stroke sets, with three sessions weekly, focusing on high intensity swimming, and two sessions weekly endurance base training. In addition I have restarted my home dryland program with weights, bands, walking and calenthetics.

Swimming the IM or stroke sets of Fly, Bk, and Breast currently feel weak and rough, which is my fault for swimming almost only freestyle the last six weeks. I hope that I will not do that again, since I previously would at least swim IM on recovery days. By the end of next week I expect to start swimming stronger in the IM and stroke again.

At the FGCU LCM pool we can use the blocks (at both ends) almost any time. So now (after my 800 M Pan Pac disaster) about three times a week, I am doing timed sets off the blocks to get more practice and skills. Today I felt awkward on the dive 50 Free swims, but I would think eventually it will feel normal to dive off the blocks. Still, I was pleased to swim under :30 this first session on blocks starting out smooth and building each 50.

Meets - looking at Clearwater, FL on August 3-4 with indoor LCM pool, and perhaps June Krauser meet in Fort Lauderdale, July 20-21. Depending on how I swim in workouts the next several weeks, possible events could be; 200 IM, 200 BK, 200-100-50 Fly, 200-100-50 Free.

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