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Very humbling 4 x 50's stroke

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by , June 20th, 2013 at 05:37 PM (1060 Views)
Wowie, I should have rested today but I wasn't disciplined enough to do my own thing. I went to workout and here's the damage:

SCM, Baylor Fitness center

400 warm up

9 x 50 stroke/swim 1:00
==> no; back w/fins drills

200 kick
==>no, goofed off

4 x 125 on 2:15
75 fl/ba/br; 50 free
==>no, I did them as 75's; two each IM/back
last back was 1:01 which is slow. yikes! I was doing 57-58 just earlier this week/ast week, and that was at the 100! the IM bits were equally bad - I could do sub 1:00 but today only mustered a 1:04!!

200 kick
==>no, goofed off again

4 x 75 on 1:30
suppose to be fl/ba/br
==>no. I did them as
75 free easy
25 fl/50 free
50 fly/25 free
75 fly - 1:00 which was actually pretty good for how I feel now. Although in my primest form (circa 2010) I could do :52 on a 75 fly.

4 x 200 pull on 3:00?
==>NO!!!! I did 4 x 50 IM order from a start/dive on same interval

Here is where I know I need work! Rarely do I actually do the 4 x50's all out, and considering they are my main events, I guess I need to start doing this set more!

50 fly 35 (ouch!)
50 back 38 (yikes!)
50 breast 42 (ok, not too bad)
50 free 30 flat (this is pretty good)

I'm glad I did the 4 x 50's stroke as it really shows how not 4x 50 trained I am. However, I am sort of disappointed i didn't do a recovery day today. I do solemnly swear to do nothing tomorrow. Except maybe yoga/pilates. And next week, i'm totally going to swim way faster than these times. They suck!!!

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