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Swim like an Orca, but faster !

Very cold Norcal Monday 27Apr09

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by , April 28th, 2009 at 12:12 PM (531 Views)
Actually Tuesday 28Apr09 (working nights does that to to you)
5:20am - UMHS / Y
/solo /scy
Warm up

4x100 1:30 (hold 1:20)
20x25 ( 5 each stroke) :45
4x100 1:30 (hold 1:20)
16x25 (BR/BK drills)
4x100 1:30 (hold 1:20)
12x25 (3 each stroke) fast on 1:00

200 warm down

A modified Jackie Hirsty workout. I have noticed that on the warmup, if I swim a continuous non-stop 400, I do better in the interval/sets.
Getting tired of having a slow BK, so today Ive been putting more effort into it.

Lords Gym 7:30am

Assisted pull up 2x8 110 & 120
Assisted dips 2x8 110 & 120
Hip adduction 3x8 50
Hip abduction 3x8 50
Quad Ext. 3x8 40 & 50
Leg curls 3x8 40 & 50
Squats 3x8 80
Cable cross
Pull down (BF) 3x8 25 & 20
Pull down (BK) 3x8 12.5
Lat Pull Dw 3x8 90, 100,110
Crunches 3x10
Back Ext 3x10
Med ball routines, throws downs etc...between sets.
(crunches on a stability (swiss) ball are more intense than on the floor, I put my feet up to the wall)

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