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Friday, June 21, 2013

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LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 79, Water temp 79
Partly cloudy, humidity at 94%

Warm Up - SCY
--Dryland Bands
500 FR as CU
400 Fly as 4(25RA/25LA/50Swim)
300 BK as 4(25K/50Swim)
200 BR as 4(25K/25Swim)
--Swim camp is done with LCM pool

Warm Up - LCM
400 RIMO
4x50 IMO on 1:00, *38, 39, 46, 36

*Set 1*
1200 FR w/snorkel-(m)agility paddles-fins
as 2(600 build by 100 steady to strong)
---200 BR Kick

*Set 2*
3(4x50 FR on 1:20) desc 1-4
*34-33-32-31, 33-32-31-30, 33-32-31-30
---200 FR Kick

*Set 3*
6x200 FR on 1:00 rest, as 150CU/50Fast
--300 BK/BR Kick by 50

*Set 4*
2(4x50 FR on 2:00, 1:00 rest) w/(m)agility paddles-fins
*28-27-26-26, *27-27-27 (pool closed due to thunder/lightining)

Warm Down
---Dryland Bands
Warm shower

Slowly beginning to feel like I can swim all the strokes again. For now my freestyle endurance swimming has been moderate, with 3/4 catch up style. In this way, I have more energy and quality stroke technique to apply towards the quality swimming sets.

I enjoyed Set 4, swimming the fast FR 50s with the fins and paddles. I seem to be getting a good freestyle speed from a strong kick and long stroke with smooth tempo into a slight increase in tempo the last ten meters. I was pleased with descending to :26s, but then my legs (kicking) were beginning to collapse on 50s #2 & 3 of round 2 in Set 4, so took an extra rest and 100 meter recovery swimming to attempt for good effort on final 50 FR, but was whistled out by the lifeguards due to incoming thunderstorm.

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