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A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming

4/28/09...10 days out

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by , April 28th, 2009 at 07:06 PM (441 Views)
I did this during my lunch break today.
SCY Solo

20 minute warmup: mix swimming, kicking, pulling, drilling
{swam 300 -half free, half back
kicked 200 on back alternating dolphin and flutter by 25
4 x 50 as 25 drill/25 swim, 1 arm free on 1-2, 1 arm back on 3-4
pull 200, no toys, just didn't kick and focused on body position, 100 free, 100 back}
100 easy free}

12x25 on 30 in sets of 3 choice: build, sprint, easy
{did fly/free/back/free}
200 easy

pull 8x50 free on :55 breathe 3/5 by 25
{w/ p&b, was between 37-40 on all}

100 easy

4x (start from blocks, with fast breakout and about 3 stroke cycles, then swim easy to wall and walk back)
These are choice..... work on feeling out the breakouts a little more.
{did 2 back, 1 fly, 1 free. the 2nd back felt awesome, I really launched.
Fly start was pretty good, free not so good.}

swim down 10 minutes nice and easy
{did 250 free, 250 back}

Total: 2600 yards

1 hour yoga class tonight.

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