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Wed & Thurs June 26, 27, 2013 - grumble grumble

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Yesterday I was so pissed off at practice! I felt like there was no place for me to swim. Started out with the usual warm-up & then we moved into "stroke" lanes - well, guess what, my "stroke" is too slow, and my legs too old to actually do 3 x 400 of anything besides freestyle, so I went in the free lane - we had 13 people in the lane, and I foolishly went last - of course the FASTEST swimmer was past the 3/4 mark on the way BACK when I was allowed to push off (we were doing 6 x 200) & I felt panicked the whole time - PLUS I caught the girl in front of me, and the one in front of her before the 150, but then I would have had to give up ALL my rest (I came in around the 2:48, interval was to be 3:00, but like I said, now I was two places ahead, so NO rest). So. Got out & went into the Leisure Lap Swimmer Lane (LLL) THAT was exciting. There were four people in there once I got in, then another got in before I had done even a 200 - one fella going super slow w/fins on down the middle of the lane, a lady doing frog kick so wide her legs took up the ENTIRE lane -- yada yada yada - you get the picture. So I'm trying to finish the 6 x 200 @ 3:00, trying not to hit the little old ladies/men (who are all actually much younger than I am) when I get clobbered by the butterfliers on my right - the wrist is still swollen this morning. Geez. Went back into the ATAC lanes after the 200's and things did get a bit better, but it was a frustrating morning, over all.
We did:
500 back/free
500 pull
300 kick
100 easy
6 x 200 @ 3:00
200 easy
8 x 50 @ :50
12 x 100 @ 1:30
16 x 50 kick
100 easy
Total: 5700 LCM

Today, since I was still grumpy from yesterday, I started OFF in the LLL - wasn't too bad, there were two of us the whole time, and the little old lady (a real one this time) was intimidated by me, and kept on her side of the lane, thank goodness. I actually swam farther on my own than I have been swimming with ATAC on Tues & Thurs - cuz I didn't have to waste my time listening to the coach grumble at the kids. Here's what I did: (after my trip to Kinetix for weights)
600 back/free
2 x 300 Pull
3 x 200 K
200 easy
2 x 4 x 100 @ 1:30 P
100 easy
6 x 50; sprint 25 fly, cruz to wall
300 breast/free
Total: 3300 LCM

Next Wed, I guess I'm gonna have to move into the breast lane & just do what I can (breast/free?). Still can't get over 13 people in my lane - and I PAY for this?!!
**However - water temp is a lovely 79 all week so far!!

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