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All good sprinting!

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by , June 28th, 2013 at 04:40 PM (1062 Views)
Today I was much more strategic with my set choices!

Last night I went to the dryland workout.
Today I swam SCM, Baylor Fitness Center

about 600 mixed

KICK w/fins 5 rounds:
50 moderate 1:00
2 x 25 blast on :35
alternated free/back kick, held 15-16's

50/100/150/200/200/150/100/50 on :45 base pull
===>no, of course not!
not on interval, but within the time for this set:
4 x 50 with fins
#1-3 5 seconds at the 25 - 30,28,28
#4 straight 50 - 29

Swim 5 rounds:
2 x 50 on :45, 100 on 1:30
===>no. did exactly 1/2 of the set on same interval so...
2 x 25 from dives, 50 recovery
fly/free/back/free/breast - swam around lanemates, so no times on the 25's.

The End


Excellento! So I basically did:

10 x 25 fast kick with fins
4 x 50 fast 50 frees broken/straight
10 x 25 fast 25's from dives stroke/free

I made great effort to give everything extra punch today!


That's it! Tomorrow massage and maybe a bonus swim. I go on vacation all of next week, so who knows what I will do?

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Great workout! I hope you have a fantastic vaca. You are tired because you work and your kiddos are at a super busy age. 16 was a magical number for me.

    Hard sprints are as tiring as filler, though much more conducive to good times.