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After a long rest

Week 39 - Friday

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My daughter had an inter squad meet last night and I had to rush home to make the meet. After the meet I went to bed fully clothed while watching tv and ended up sleeping without setting my alarm. As a result I overslept this morning and despite my best effort I was late to the pool. Despite a slightly shorter warmup I had a good practice and really enjoyed some fast 100s with fins at the end of practice.

400 free with snorkel
4x50 catchup drill on 45
6x100 free descend 1-3 and 4-6 with 10 seconds rest
100 easy
4x200 kick with fins on 2.30
5x(2x50 on 30, 50 easy on 1min)
200 easy breathing every 5
2x100 with fins AFAP from blocks
300 easy

Total 3550 yards

I had a hard time getting going on the 6x100s, but went, 1.09, 1.07,1.05,1.09,1.06,1.03. The 200s kick I held 2.10s which I was very pleased with. The set of pace 50s was tough, but I hit my rhythm and held 28s throughout. The 2x100s with fins were really good fun and I went 47 on the first. On the second two of my team mates decided to do a relay to pace me and I went 45(and beat the relay; not that I am competitive!). I would have liked to have spent more time in the pool this morning but had a conference call with our partner in Korea and had to rush home to change. Rush and lack of sleep seem to be the two themes for the week.

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