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7|1|13 lcm

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10 x 50 on 1:00 used snorkel (WS)
  • held 47's with 39 strokes

6 x 50 on 2:00
  • 36-36-35-35-37-37
  • SPL initially at 38, fading to 40
  • the first two were just easy walks in the park, the remaining hurt.

6 x 50 on 4:00
  • 36-36-35-34-36-37
  • SPL initially at 40, fading to 42
  • even with extra 2 minutes I found myself gasping at the wall, even worse than I did in the former set, ears started ringing
  • died 5m to the wall on last effort, breathing every stroke

Back to earth
500 WFSP

200 back WF

400 drill WF/WFS/WFSP

Plan to hit this pool on Friday for more genuine fast-twitch IIB stuff. I assume the work I did today might support LCM 50 endurance (oxymoron) and form, that was the plan anyway. Need to keep the next few swim efforts lite, maybe some dryland strength training, plyometrics and stretching, then and rest up on Thur. Haven't figured out what to do on Fri yet, the speedy stuff seems to suit SC better, but I really need to at least push one or two 30's flat soon.

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