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Monday, July 1, 2013

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LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 80, Water temp 78
Cloudy, humidity at 97%

Warm Up
400 FR as 4(50CU/50Swim)
200 FR Kick w/snorkel
4x50 on 1:00 FR-CU, *40-36

*Set 1*
2000 FR Swim
Done as 4(25RA/25LA/150 SPL-28/100CU/200 SPL-28)
---200 BR Kick
---2x100 BR as 50DR/50Swim on 1min rest

*Set 2*
4(3x50 FR on 1:00), 100 FR CU)
*34-33-31, 34-33-30, 35-34-30, 34-33-30
---200 DK
---300 Fly as 2(50DK/bk, 25RA/25LA, 50Swim)

*Set 3*
3x400 FR on 1:00 Rest
Done as 2(25RA/25LA/50CU/50Strong SPL-28, 100 K/bd) w/fins
---200 BR Kick

*Set 4*
3(3x50 FR on 1:00), 100 FR CU)
*35-33-30, 35-32-30, 36-33-30,

*Set 5*
800 FR w/Agility paddles-fins-snorkel, SPL-24/26

*Set 3*
8x50s FR on 1:00, Odd# FAST, Even# EZ Choice; w/agility paddles-fins
*28, 27, 27, 27

Warm Down
1000 FR Smooth, SPL 28
Dryland Bands

There were moments in the workout where I felt "strong in the water" and some other moments where I was riding with the flow of the water under my hands when swimming strong long Freestyle doing fast CU or quality 50s.

Coming out of the locker/shower room later I realized I finished my workout just in time. It was raining, pouring down so hard I could barely even see the pool. Everyone was huddling in the semi-enclosed lobby area trying to stay dry as the wind was blowing the rain everywhere. Rather than wait, I became drenched during the five minute walk/run to my car, but it continued to rain hard off and on for the next 2-3 hours, so getting out of there ASAP was the right choice.

I am still considering entering the indoor LCM meet in Clearwater early August, but my main goal is to train consistently as possible, particularly during the remaining five weeks until school starts again. If I can hold on my current endurance level, and also develop some efficient speed during July and August, I would like to swim in several SCM meets leading up to the Rowdy Gaines SCM in Orlando later in the fall.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Nice workout Frank. It looks like you have upped your yardage again and are back into the swing of that nice mix of distance, drill and quality.

    My wife has a 92 year old grandmother who lives in Lakeland, FL and I was looking at the Rowdy Gaines meet as a means of visiting her and swimming, but I just discovered that she is coming to visit us that week, so now Rowdy Gaines meet for me this year. I have heard its a great meet and you will have fun if you swim it.