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All American Certificate!!

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by , July 3rd, 2013 at 10:02 AM (2123 Views)
Tuesday July 2nd
Long Course
2 x (8 x 25 on 45 odds kick with a green band evens kick no band then 100 easy on 2:00)
2 x (200 IM drill/swim 4:00, 200 swim 3:30, 100 IM 2:00, 100 swim 1:40, 4 x 50 on 1:00 25 fast IM order/25 easy)
100 easy

2600 meters

I hadn't kicked with the band before (requires quick low amplitude kicks) and this was a challenge. The rest of the practice I enjoyed the long course swimming and didn't look at the clock once!

I finshed my 4th cycle of treatment on Sunday am. The weekend was tough. As with a lot of places around the country, it was very hot and hydration was an issue for me. Added to that, my son had an outdoor swim meet. It was at our home pool so I spent most of the time in an air conditioned room but I still found it tiring. To top it off, Monday was July 1st. I am the program director for an endocrine fellowship and July 1st is the start of our year. I came and greeted our incoming fellows and ran a short orientation before going home to rest.

When I got home, I was very surprised to see my All American certificate from the SCM season in the mail. Prior to last winter, I had a few 2s and 3s (plus a relay #1) but not an individual #1. I had it as a goal to try to get a #1 but I thought it would be a little further off in the future. As we all know with masters swimming, there are two parts to this. I showed up and did my thing for a 200 fly at a SCM meet last fall (although a bit slower than the year before) and the people that are generally ahead of me did not. This was a really nice surprise after what was a tough few days.
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  1. ekw's Avatar
    Congratulations on All American!

    The weather is crazy! I was at a conference in Chicago, which felt lovely and cool to me. I don't think Mobile was any hotter/humider than usual in my absence, though. But so many places are so hot that for once I'm keeping my mouth shut about Mobile's weather.
  2. fdtotten's Avatar
    All-American in the 200 SCM Fly! Congratulations many times! I am so glad you finished the 4th cycle of treatment. Rest and hydration, what magic words for every human being! The weather is also really extreme in SWF this summer with strong and aggressive scattered reoccurring thunderstorms afternoons and night. Then there are days like today, when walking out of a very cool Publix to the parking lot, the air is so thick and heavy like a blanket. I just cannot imagine how they managed these hot summers in the Southern states many, many generations ago.
    Updated July 3rd, 2013 at 05:18 PM by fdtotten
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Congrats! You are a true inspiration!
  4. rxleakem's Avatar