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I swim, therefore I am

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 78, Water temp 78
Sunny, humidity at 70%

Warm Up
900 FR as 6(25RA/25LA/50CU/50Strong)
300 FR Kick as 3(25LS/25RS/50 as 10RS/10LS)

*Set 1*
6x200 on :30 rest, SPL 24-26, build by 50 1-4
---100 BR Kick

*Set 2*
300 BR as 3(50K/bk, 50Swim)
4x50 BR on 1:20 *46-42
---300 BK

*Set 3*
3x200 BK on 4:00 *3:05-2:51
4x50 BK on 1:00 *42-38
---400 BK

*Set 4*
300 DK w/snorkel-fins
2x300 Fly as 3(25RA/25LA/50Swim) w/fins

*Set 5*
900 FR as 4(25LA/25RA, 50CU, 50Strong SPL/22-24) w/snorkel-agility paddles-fins
10x50 FR on 1:00 w/Bolster paddles-buoy-tube *39-37

Warm Down
4x100 FR SPL/24-26

Mostly moderate swimming with occasional strong bursts focusing on FR DPS, powerful wall push-offs with a strong kicking and tight streamline body shape. Did sets of each stroke with an emphasis on steady smooth EVF into body rotation or undulation driven pull acceleration.

This week is a 3-1/2-1 cycle as Monday-quality, Tuesday-moderate, Wednesday-quality, Thursday-rest (maybe a dry day or very EZ swimming), Friday-quality, Saturday-moderate, Sunday-dry rest.

I restarted doing daily air-squats several weeks ago in my dry-land strength program. After the soreness faded, I can really feel the difference that simple activity makes in swimming and in functional activities around the house. Cannot believe I dropped squats for almost four months!

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