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After a long rest

Week 41 - Wednesday

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I woke up about 15 minutes before the alarm was due to go off but felt pretty rested. Overall I felt pretty good today swimming long course. The plan is to swim through meets this summer and despite having zones next week we did a long hard practice.

400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 50
10x100 on 1.45 best average
200 easy
6x200 on 2.45 descend 1-3,4-6
8x50 kick with fins on 45
2x100 IM easy perfect stroke on 1.40

Total 3700meters

It was hard getting going on the best average 100s but managed to hold 1.07 average. Most were 1.07, but a couple towards the end were 1.06s. The 200s I went 2.21,2.18,2.17,2.21,2.17,2.15. I was very pleased with the 200s. My kicking is getting quicker and I held around 33 per 50(with fins).

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