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After a long rest

Week 41 - Friday

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I woke up still feeling tired but once i got giing today i felt much better. I always seem to struggle when we go from warmup straight into a tough transition set. Today was no exception, however i find that if i can get through the transition set i typically have a better workout and it almost feels kike i am swimming downhill the rest of the workout. By the end today i felt pretty good. The pool was setup for short course today and my coach had to leave early for a meet so the last set was a long aerobic set.

400 free with snorkel
7x50 catchup on 45
3x(200 free on 2.30, 100 kick on 1.45)
10x50 free on 35
100 easy
100 AFAP ON 2mins
2x50 AFAP on 2mins
100 easy
20x100 free on 1.20 holding sub 1.05s

Total 4850

I went 2.05s on the 200s and 1.25s on the kick transition set. These really hurt! On the 10x50 i held 30s which was awesome since i got 10 seconds less rest than last night. The AFAP 100 i went 54 and the 50s i went 25s. The 20x100s i held 1.03s. I actually felt better on the last 5 than the first 5.

I have south central zones next week and i have some fast guys entered in my age group and i am excited to get to race despite not resting for the meet.

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