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Lake swim, 2K

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by , July 13th, 2013 at 03:41 PM (614 Views)
Today was a recovery day so I decided to change venues and head out to Lake Andrea and hit the 50-yard lap swim area they have set up at the beach. Not exactly open water swimming, which I need to start thinking about if I'm going to be doing OW swims in August, but it's easy to keep track of distance and it helps me to get used to swimming in lake water without a line to follow.

Things got pretty choppy in the last 5-10 minutes or so as the wind picked up... which is also good training.

I did 2200, mostly ez freestyle, but I did manage to do about 200 in fly work (50 of it was 1-arm), 150 back, 150 breast.

The water was warm in spots, but probably still in the 70s over most of the lake. Air temps in the low 80s, clear skies, not too muggy... really nice day!

In a side note: I felt less stiff and sore after yesterday's workout than I thought I would. In fact, my swimming today felt good in comparison to the 2K I did last Saturday after my first real LCM workout of the summer on 7/5.

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