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Monday, July 15, 2013

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Took the weekend off - it was hard - especially when the sun came out on Sunday - I wanted to go to the pool so bad!!! But I made myself stay inside & read a book - and play with my 5 week old granddaughter. Had my daughter & her 5 kids over to dinner - the Son-in-Law was OOT at some convention for basketball referree-ing & boy was she overwhelmed!! Anyway, I think this is going to be a good thing - cutting down to weights on Tues & Thurs, core on Saturday; with an easy 2-3000 afterward. MWF I will max at 4500 LCM. I noticed the difference in the pool this morning already! I also "made myself" eat a Shot Blox after 1500 in (had to give myself time to process my thyroid pill).

600 back/free
600 pull - mod/hard by 50's
400 Kick, 75 hard, 25 easy
400 breast/free
6 x 100 stroke/free @ 1:40 (I actually kept these - which was a good first sign!)
100 easy
5 x 300 @ 4:45, last two I pulled w/my agility paddles
300 easy

I actually felt good through the entire practice - can't say I felt "strong" but I didn't feel like I was dying either. I could easily have done another set - especially since it was just 16 x 50 kick - but I had to shave my legs, lol!

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    Glad you're starting to feel better! I don't know if your schedule will allow it, but you might think about scheduling the weights in the afternoon/evenings after your two hardest AM swim workouts of the week... almost like a double... but then you'll have more time to recover from the swim and weights before you have to swim really hard again, do a lot of drill work and easy swimming on the "rest" days and cluster the hard stuff into two days a week.
  2. Celestial's Avatar
    I've actually been thinking the same thing!! Will have to start that next week, though, as I am going out of town on Wed, and my schedule will be shot! BUT, I most likely will get some enforced rest!