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Middle-d pace workout: lackluster!

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by , July 15th, 2013 at 02:39 PM (995 Views)
I really wasn't hitting my targets today and was a little frustrated... the fly sets made me feel pretty good, but pacing for 200s is still going to be really tough for me I think. This is the third Monday in a row that I've done a version of this workout so I thought it would go a little better than it did. My explanation of it is in the last half of this entry from 14 days ago:

I had done essentially 8 x 200 (each 200 swum as 4 x 50) in 200 goal-pace for back and free (4x [4 x 50] for each). 800 yards at 200 goal-pace was a great workout. Last week's version saw me cut back my number of fr and back sets by one, in order to add 2 x (4 x 50) of fly. This week I wanted to do the equivalent of 3 x 200 fly, 3 x 200 bk, and 3 x 200 free... all broken into 50s and swum at goal-pace. I started with the back, since I remembered how exhausted I was after fly last week... but instead of starting each new set of back 50s on 4:30, I was starting on 4:00... so my 50 times deteriorated from goal-pace to current PR pace after the first 200... blah! Then the frees weren't all that great, each set starting with a goal-pace :38/50 then quickly going down to :39, :40, even :42 I think I saw at one point? Blah.

Part of the lackluster performance, I'm sure, has to do with the fact that Scotty couldn't do the workout with me. He did his workout really early because he had to start work earlier and said he probably wouldn't have made it through my sets anyway because he did a hard 3500 yesterday and wasn't feeling very good today. When I texted him the workout last night he was down-right enthused... but these things always look better on paper, right?

Anyway, here's what I did:

4 x 100 on 1:40 (fr pull, fr, pull)
:20 rest
4 x 100 IM on 2:00 (1:40-1:46)
Masters minute
4 x 50 on 1:00 (:38-:39)
1:00 rest

MS1 (800):
3 x 200 BK on 4:00 [i.e., 4 x 50 BK in 200 pace on :12, :10, :08 rests]
200 fr, bk, pull recovery

MS2 (800):
3 x 200 FR on 4:00 [i.e., 4 x 50 FR in 200 pace on :12, :10, :08 rests]
200 fr, pull recovery

MS3 (800):
3 x 200 FLY on 6:00 [i.e., 4 x 50 fly on 1:00 in 200 goal-pace]
200 fr, bk, pull recovery

MS4 (1000):
200 BK ez, stretching it out on 4:00
200 BR, focus on extension, on 4:00
200 pull, focus on rotation, on 4:00
1:00 rest
400 IM from push start, hard but in control (6:58, w/ 100, 200, 300 splits: 1:41, 3:32, 5:28)

CD (600):
200 recovery swim (pull, fr)
4 x 50 on 1:00 (:43-:47)
200 pull

TOTAL: 5000 SCY/110 minutes

Since my goal-pace for 200 fly is :48/50 now (3:12), I just decided that going at 1:00 would be really convenient... giving me an average of :12 rests between 50s. I also extended my rest to 2 minutes between sets (so 3 x 200 on 6:00) which helped me maintain pace too. My times were: :45, :47, :49, :50... :46, :48, :49, :50... :47, :49, :50, :50. That makes my average pretty close to :48/50, though dropping to 3:20 pace for the 200 by the end of each set.

The improvement in Fly makes me feel a lot better... and I had 800 in total fly today, all swum at a :50/50 or faster pace, in the context of a 5000-yard workout. I really should have given myself at least a minute rest between sets of back 50s (starting each new set at 4:30 instead of 4:00), that would have helped me maintain the 200 goal-pace... and maybe my freestyle would have been fresher as a result. I seemed to have been recovered enough by the fly... the recovery 200s at the end of each stroke really helped the lactic acid from building to an intolerable level.

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