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07.15.13 - Monday workout... catching up on blogging

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by , July 15th, 2013 at 06:41 PM (899 Views)
Swam w/ Dave, Dave, Ray, Meredith and Carlile. Long swimming weekend. Thursday was our district dive meet. Since my daughter dives in the under 10 category, it wasn't too bad. We were done early and headed home before the older divers did their 3 meter competition. Friday and Saturday was the district swim meet. This wasn't so bad. It was held 50 miles away in Guntersville, AL. I got in about 4500 yards in the morning and then headed off w/ the kids for warmups. My younger son had a decent meet. He started off as a backstroker but seems to be embracing his breaststroker genes finally. He was just a couple seconds off state qualifying times (for breaststroke) and still has a year left in his age group. The highlight of his meet was that I brought my laptop to do work. He talked me into letting him play Starcraft II on it all weekend. My daughter had a tough meet. She dq'd the breaststroke (dolphin kicked too many times off the dive) and regressed on freestyle. I don't worry about it too much though. She's a natural diver and has a strong dolphin kick. She's almost always the first one to 12.5 yards. Once she gets a stronger stroke, she is going to be very competitive. My older son had a great meet in a slow pool. He dropped lots of time and has gone from the guy who is always last to somewhat competitive. What's more, he seems to want to swim w/ me in the winter and can't wait for next year to start.

I tried to swim Saturday morning but the annual city meet was going on. Sunday I got away for a pick-up soccer match. Running didn't hurt nearly as bad as it did last week. Still need to watch my back pain a little though. Meredith joined us for an hour this morning and then did lifeguard duty. When my leg cramped up on the 400 IM kick, she did NOT jump in to rescue me. I had to one arm swim to the shallow end and save myself . Cramps were probably from dehydration and soccer last night.


600 Warm up

6 x 50 - :45
8 Rounds of:
* 100 Pull - 1:10 (1:05s, raced Dave for a :58 on the last one)
* 50 Kick - 1:10
* 50 Pull - :50
* 50 Kick - 1:10
50 Easy

400 IM Kick (only made 350 before cramping)

6 Rounds of:
* 100 Free - 1:30
* 50 Kick - 1:00

*** Out of time ***

(4250 Total)

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Sounds like a really fun weekend. Congrats.
  2. pmccoy's Avatar
    Definitely fun for the kids. I mostly walked around a gym all day trying to find the best spot for cell service so I could do some work. At least I didn't have to sit outside. It was hot, humid and generally miserable for being outside more than 15 min. My older son's relays qualified for state. One was scratched but he will swim another 50 free in a better pool in a couple weeks. Now, he is swimming w/ me in the morning and w/ his team after I'm done. His choice. I've never seen him quite so dedicated to something before.