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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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SCY@Fort Myers Aquatic Center
Air temp of 82, pool at 79
Partle cloudy skies with humidity at 76%

Warm up
200 FR EZ

*Set 1*
1200 FR K-DR as 6(100K/100CU) w/snorkel

*Set 2*
4x200 BR on 1:00 rest, 200 4(25K/bk-25/Fast)

*Set 3*
20x25 FR on :30 *15s, 13s on #4-8-12-16-20
1:00 Rest
10x25 FR on :30 *15s, 13s on #5&10
:30 Rest
15x25 FR on :30 *15s, 13s on #5-10-15, 25 EZ

Warm down
3x200 FR on :30 rest as 50RA/LA-100CU-50Swim

Easy to moderate effort session today with kicking, drills, and FR 25s. Set 3 was intended as 40x25 FR on :30 holding :15 with long efficient stroke pattern, then pick it up on every 4th 25. Well the rain started to pour down about the 16th 25, I stopped after number 20 and ran over to move my stuff higher on the covered bleachers away from the rain, then confirmed with lifeguards they were not closing down the pool (no lightning/thunder). I re-started, now going each 5th/25 faster, and at halfway through number 11, the lifeguard chair umbrella blew into the lane next to me, which I helped to retrieve. So while I did not go 40x25 straight, I got a sample of that kind of set. Next I will try to swim that set straight through attempting a :14 pace for as many 25s as possible.

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