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After a long rest

Week 42 - Wednesday

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Todays workout was low intensity and I felt pretty good. My coach continues to push my kicking on everything I do and as a result I am starting to feel stronger but its really hard.

400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 50
16x50 on 50 swum 25 stroke, 25 free, IM order
10x50 kick on 55
100 easy
6x100, swum 3 free, 3 back on 1.40 descend 1-3, 4-6
100 easy
8x50 swum 25 no breather, 25 three breaths on 1.10
200 easy

Total 3400 meters

On the 6x100 I went 1.09, 1.07, 1.05 on the free and then 1.19, 1.15, 1.12 on the back. The no breathers were hard on the first three or four but after I figured out where to breath I felt ok. The kick was probably the hardest and despite eholding 45-50 on all of them it hurt.

I probably wont get a chance to swim tomorrow since I am leaving for Tulsa for the South Central Zone meet mid afternoon and wont get in till late. Friday I will probably go by the pool in the morning and check it out, and then the South Central Zones start at 5pm. I swim all the free events from the 800 down to the 50. Most likely the same events I will swim at worlds next year. I wanted to do the 1500 also but its right before the 400 and I would like to swim a decent 400. I am looking forward to a good meet with some strong racing. My first event is the 400 free on friday, with the 800 and 100 on Saturday and the 50 and 200 on Sunday.


pysch sheets were posted for zones:

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