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One Stroke at a Time

Starting over

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by , July 18th, 2013 at 07:23 AM (552 Views)
July 17th

500 (every 4th length kick)
3 x 4 x 50 #1 kick on 1:05 #2 kick/left arm on 1:00 #3 kick/right arm on 55 #4 kick/swim on 50
8 x 100 50 fast/50 easy starting interval 1:50 add 10 sec rest each 100
100 easy

2000 yards

I was very happy to get back to the pool today. About ten days ago, I noticed a very small opening (about the size of a pin head) along the suture line for my port. Despite my best efforts, it continued to open so I have been out of the pool to let it heal (The area was rubbing on my clothes so I now have some different dressings to put on it). I was a little nervous today because I was worried about rubbing with my suit. When I got out and removed the dressing, I was quite pleased to see that everything was dry, including the absorbable cushion. While I was out, I completed my fifth cycle of chemotherapy so fatigue was an issue today. Hopefully, I will be able to swim once more this week. This weekend my oldest has his summer champs so I'll be at a pool though not in one.

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