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One Stroke at a Time

82 and 83

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by , July 19th, 2013 at 04:20 PM (933 Views)
Thursday July 18
Long course
100 kick
5 x 100 1:40 descend
5 x 100 pull 1:40
3 x 100 stroke/free 1:50
2 x 100 kick
100 easy

2400 meters

I hadn't swum long course in awhile and I definitely felt the difference between short course and long course today. The pool wasn't too crowded so I mostly floated at the back of the lane. How I feel varies a lot from day to day so I think that it probably confuses my lane mates. Today, at the start of the 100s (there were actually 5 sets of 5 but I did 15), someone asked me if I wanted to lead. As I was floating on my back at the flags at the time, I just shook my head "no" saying I was quite content where I was.

One thing that happened during the 10 days that I was out was that the yards top ten came out. I don't care to race yards too much so I generally swim at one meet (my team's hosted meet) and swim two events. Before I got sick, I had a goal to get to a 100 top tens so was happy to see that both events squeaked in (8th in the 200 fly and 10th in the 400 IM). Those are #s 82 and 83 if I count relays (72 individuals and 11 relays).

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  1. fdtotten's Avatar
    Warm congratulations on your SCY 2013 Top Tens! Definitely count the relays! LCM swimming is always a challenge when swimming mostly SCY or after a break, so you are doing great. As always... Sincerely wishing you the best.