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Friday, July 19, 2013

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LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 78, Water temp 78
Partly sunny, humidity at 71%

Warm Up
800 FR 4(50RA/LA, 100CU, 50SPL-26)

*Set 1*
20x50 on 1:00 FR K-fins w/snorkel, *39-36
---200 BR as 2(50K/bk, 50Swim)

*Set 2*
2(3x50 FR on 1:30, 1:00 rest) desc 1-3 *33-32-31/33-31-30
---300 BK Swim

*Set 3*
10x100 FR on 1:40, 100 as (50RA/LA, 25CU/25Swim) w/fins-paddles *1:06-1:02
---200 Fly as 2(25K/bk, 50 RA/LA, 25 Swim)

*Set 4*
400IM-200IM-100IM on 1:00 Rest, 400/200 build by 50, 100 build by 25
---300 EZ FR w/agility paddles-buoy,tube

*Set 5*
3x200 FR on 1:00 rest, 200 as 4(25Fast/25EZ) w/agility paddles-snorkel
3x100 FR on 1:00 rest, 100 as 2(25CU/25Fast) w/snorkel
---200 as 4(25BK/25FR)

*Set 6*
2(3x200 FR) 200 as 50 Timed of Blocks, 150 FR EZ-DR
*28.34, 29.53, 28.05
*28.13, 28.42, 28.08

Warm Down
300 FR
2x100 FR SPL-26
4x50 FR SPL-26, Alt/breathing

Thursday was a rest day from both swimming and dryland sessions. I should mention that the FR kicking with fins-snorkel is always a combination of RS or LS with one shoulder/arm extended forward, opposite shoulder up (shark fin), and trailing arm hugging hips. In the 400 IM the Fly was a combination of DR/Swim.

The fast FR 50s in Set 6 were consistent except for #2 when I tried too hard in the second 25, then I settled down mentally and kept the remaining 50s controlled and steady all the way to the finish. The 150 swims in between helped me to rediscover the feel for the water after each fast swim.

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