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After a long rest

Week 43 - Monday

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I woke up around 3am this morning and accidentally woke my wife up knocking over a picture frame on my nightstand while trying to see the clock(she was not happy). I got up early, had breakfast including coffee(which I normally try to avoid before practice since it does a number on my stomach) and read the papers on my iPad, all before heading to the pool. The workout today was not terribly difficult but I was very stiff and sore across my back, which I put down to the drive back from Tulsa after no meet swim down. I never did loosen up this morning but I was still very glad I went to practice and I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things this week.

400 swim with snorkel
6x50 catchup with snorkel on 50
8x150 free with snorkel on 2mins descend 1-4 and 5-8
4x(100 kick on 2mins, 100 swim on 1.20, 50 kick AFAP on 1.30)
2x400 pull on 5min
100 easy

Total 3800meters

I held between 1.50 and 1.55 on the 150s and felt pretty sore. The kick, swim, kick set everyone else wore fins except me, and my coach told me to get used to this for a while. The 400s I went 4.50s, which ironically was my 800 pace this past weekend(weird how I can do this in practice).

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