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Smart & Perhaps Not So Smart

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Smart, because I slept in yesterday (no weights, no swimming) - a much needed break for my poor labrum strain - feeling much better in that regard. Not so smart, because I started on Crestor about 10 days ago - and I had heard about the myalgia, but didn't realize how it was going to affect me. I'm stopping pronto. We'll have to manage my LDL another way. Could barely make it through 3600 today. Geez.

500 back/free
500 Pull
500 Kick
100 easy
3 x 300 breast/free on ?some interval, which I kept fine, I did about 200 of each 300 breast, and 100 of it was freestyle
100 easy
4 x 150 Pull on 2:30
400 free
100 kick
And that's all she wrote. Hope the statin leaves my body soon, like before tomorrow morning.
Total: 3600 LCM

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