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Thursday; July 25, 2013

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600 back/free
600 pull
4 x 150 free/kick/free (w/zoomers)
6 x 100 breast/free by 50
2 x 200 pull no paddles
Total: 2800 LCM

Swam very easy this morning - just recuperating from weights. Dropped the weights back down about 5-10lbs per station as well. Avoiding overtraining, and the right labrum still a little tender, although by the end of my swim, it was feeling pretty good.

On a side note, despite my cubital & carpal tunnel surgeries last year, I still have elbow pain at times. So annoying. They say I waited too long to have surgery and so will have "residual" effects. I didn't wait too long. My primary was stubborn and wouldn't allow me to see neuro until I had a temper tantrum.

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