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Workout 07/30/13: evening

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Had a great day today - gave a talk about the shingles shot to a senior group in the town just south of home, then took the family for ice cream en route to visiting my "91 and three-quarters" year old Nana. She is a hoot, and although her eyesight and hearing are failing, she is as sharp as a tack and shared some great stories of us kids growing up and my Gramps, who passed away in 2005. All the while she knows about everything going on with my family now. It's kinda odd, as my fraternal grandmother passed away when I was five, and we always just called Nana Peg growing up. Now, since my "blood" grandparents as well as parents have all passed on for many years, I really only have Nana left, so being able to get to know her in a somewhat different way has been really awesome.

I saw the workout from this week's Kiefer website and decided a speedy workout would be great for Masters tonight:

200 Fr, 200 IM (drill/swim by 25), 200 (kick/drill by 25), 4 x 25 build

- 8 x 100 Fr on :10sr (used snorkel) (:02,:03,:04,:03
- 8 x 50 kick on :10sr (:40->:45)
- 8 x 50 Fr pull on :10sr (held :31)
- 8 x 25 on :10sr (not sure - pace clock on other side of pool)
(All were done as: odds = AFAP (times noted), evens = EZ, to have max rest, so the time for the fast is considerably faster than the EZ)

200 loosen and out (I squeaked in an extra 200 over the course of the workout)
(Masters/Rec/2800 yds/60 min)

Great workout, and I especially liked the perception of getting more rest as the workout went along due to smaller distances of max effort. GregJS joined in the fun and did a great job, especially hammering out the pulls and 25s - I told him that he would likely feel sore in the morning!

So my wife started her job tonight as a resident assistant at a local independent living facility, something she likes to do - waiting for her to get back and see how the first day went - I've got the hot tub ready. Back to work for the next two days, so I'll be dry - keep the water moving, everyone!

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    "squeaked in an extra 200 over the course of the workout"

    translation: "had to wait for Greg to drag his butt down the pool!"
  2. rxleakem's Avatar
    Haha, you just really pushed those easy efforts as written.

    Did you check out results from FINA yesterday?