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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 6:30-7:30pm That's all folks!!

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Last practice with my USAS team. Made it an easy swim tonight, I just wanted to get in the water to stretch out a bit at my "mid-week" day, prior to my OW swim in Sandpoint, Idaho on Saturday. The famous Longbridge Swim is happening, and I'm not sure how many people there will be, but if it's anything like last year we're looking at over 900 swimmers. Possibly even hitting 1,000, which would be cool.


1000 Swim (Alt. 100 Free/100 Stroke)
I did 100 Free/100 Crawlstroke though I did have a 50 Fly in there around 800 or so

Kick Set:
10 x 100 Kick w/ board @ 3:00
Odds Flutter, Evens Choice
I did 100s Free Swim, and held a steady controlled 1:18ish pace.

400 Free - supposed to swim EZ, and work it between the flags and the wall and back out again. I just decided to build the whole thing, and keep the Alaska girl behind me (which was actually tough). I went a 5:15 for my 400 Free.

Did a 100 EZ and out

2500 LC Meters.

I just didn't want to kill myself with whatever was next in the practice with the kids, so I got out and began chatting with the parents.

I also did a job interview today for a maintinence position at the Tree Top plant here in Wenatchee. It pays nearly $5.00 per hour more than I'm making now, and it has its pluses and minuses as well. I'd most likely be working on graveyard shift, and am a little unsure about doing that, plus stepping out of the comfort zone I'm in with my current job. We'll see how it goes, I'm one of four candidates for the job. Hey, at least I have another job already, and not unemployed looking for the job.

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  1. Karl_S's Avatar
    I'd most likely be working on graveyard shift...
    That sounds like a very poor idea. There are lots of reports about how working the graveyard shift has serious healthy consequences. My wife and I frequently note how getting proper sleep is essential for a healthy, happy life. Good luck in your OW swim.
  2. tjrpatt's Avatar
    It is very tricky working the graveyard. Some people sleep from the time that they get done until the next shift.
  3. aztimm's Avatar
    Did I miss something? What's going on with your USAS team? I thought you liked swimming with them?

    I've worked nearly every workshift at some point in my life, mostly while I was in the Army. I worked 11pm to 7am for a while and I really didn't find it too horrible. Right after I finished work, I'd go for a run, let off my last steam, then try to sleep for a few hours. I'd usually wake up and run errands or do other things for a few hours in the afternoon, then take another nap in the evening and get up an hour or so before my shift started.
    The worst part was trying to have mostly normal weekends, then going back to that shift during the week.
    But I was in my early 20s then, at an age where it is much easier to adapt. It would be much more difficult now.
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    After some thought, and talking with others at work that know more about this particular jobsite and everything it entails, I think I'm going to turn them down...IF they even offer me the position. There are just too many uncertainties all around that don't fit with what I'm looking for in the long run. I'd just hate to give up my more laid back job for something I would regret later...even if it is more money.

    And Tim, I'm just quitting from the USAS team for personal/family reasons. I'm still going to swim, but toning it down a few notches (this is your chance to catch up and pass me on GTD now)
    It was a lot of fun swimming with them, but I just can't keep up the intensity like I would like to, and keep my wife and kids happy at home, as well as other things I've neglected.
  5. jaadams1's Avatar
    Well, after even more thought, and getting a phone call with a job offer from Tree Top, I accepted the offer, and will be starting my new job in a few weeks. Happy and excited. It'll be good for us in the long run.

    Not sure yet on the future impact this may or may not have on my swimming. I'm sure I'll be able to find time for practicing and keeping in shape. Competitions may just have to take a back seat for a while though. Oh well, swimming doesn't pay the bills, 'cause I'm not THAT good.