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After a long rest

Week 44 - Wednesday

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I had every intention of swimming last night but was feeling pretty crappy when i got home and decided to give it a miss and go to bed early. I definately have an ear infection in my left ear and I am pretty sure based on the burning feeling from the top of my nose to the top of my head I have a sinus infection. Anyhow I still woke up and headed to the pool this morning but felt worse as the workout went on. I primarily felt achy and tired. The pool was setup for long course meters.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 50

Main set
4x(2x50 free drill on 50, 200 IM on 2.45)
4x(100 free on 1.10, 2x50 kick on 55)
assigned 20x50 on 35 or until I failed. I never really got going here and after 2 stopped.
800 free easy with snorkel

Total 3700meters

Despite making the IMs and the fast 100s and kick sets I progressively felt worse and worse. I ended with an easy 800 and even this felt rough. I plan on heading to the doctor but struggled getting an appointment. Depending on how I feel in the morning I may go to a walk in clinic just to get some relief.

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    I would have gotten to 1 x 50 on :35 (maybe if I went off the blocks) before imploding! Hope you're feeling better soon... sudafed might be a performance enhancer.
  2. fdtotten's Avatar
    Please rest and get well, etc. It was smart that you stopped and swam easy. Swimming hard or too much could lead towards prolonging whatever illness you have now, from possibly only several days, to weeks.
  3. ndauksavage's Avatar
    Hope you get feeling better! I could tell you weren't feeling good yesterday. Hopefully the dr can give you something for quick relief.
  4. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Thanks for the get well wishes.

    I went to bed very early last night and woke this morning feeling much better. I have an appointment tomorrow(friday) with my doctor and plan on taking it easy today. I took some decongestants last night and again this morning which have helped with the sinus pressure. Fingers crossed I will be over this soon. I hate being sick(my wife says she hates iit when I am sick - I suspect I am not very nice to be around).

    Thanks again.