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Workout 08/02/03: noon

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Had a busy few days at work, and happy to (almost) have a day off*today*- more on that later.* So I've mentioned the new church plant that I have been involved with.* Well, one of the board members that helped establish the plant is the driving force behind bringing a Christian College* to our town, a great vision that has been dependant on prayer and the help from multiple mission teams (mostly from NC) over the past few years and especially this summer.* We helped out this morning painting rooms at the library (which used to be a restaurant in town), then priming a bathroom at the college (which is on two floors above my son's school, in*a former Ramada Inn) to get it ready for tiling.* It's amazing to see what God has done in our community to bring this option for not only grade school but now college as well.

Got in for a special lunchtime swim:*
200 Fr/200 Bk/200 IM drill
4 x 100 FR on*1:30*(aerobic) with snorkel
400 Pull with buoy
100 Back
with my old high school coach, how is now the college coach
200 (kick/swim)
3*x 100 Pull with buoy
1000 (using different toys/strokes every 200)
5 x 100 Fr on*1:45*with Brent
100 EZ*
(Solo/Williams/3600 LCM/80 min)
* I finally got in to swim at the (Williams College) Muir-Samuelson**pool, which I have been trying to do since I hopped back into the water four years ago, and at this point it is set up LCM.* My buddy Brent, known to some of the FISH Masters, invited me to check it out.* I haven't splashed here since I was in high school, and then only SCY.* The water was perfect, 81 and clear, and mostly one to two people per lane for the entire time we were there.* Since I am not a member of the college community, I am able to get in as a guest.*

Brent was swimming 1000's, and I basically swam straight through until the final pull set and the last 100's.* He has such a powerful kick!* This is only my second time EVER swimming LCM, and it was not too bad.* I mentioned to Brent how much more I like swimming the*OW*stuff, because it is just swimming.* LCM is nice because the walls are farther away, but nothing beats a good lake, river, or ocean swim in my book these days.*

Drove home quickly then hopped on the motorcycle to cover the store in Rutland again.* Remember that one of their pharmacists quit a month ago; turns out a pharmacist in Burlington quit last week, so they sent me to Rutland and the Rutland pharmacist to Burlington.* Oh well, a few extra bucks plus getting paid to ride = not too bad.***
(I don't know why all these * showed up. Sorry)

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Nice, an LCM convert!
  2. GregJS's Avatar
    Oh, * I thought I was just * seeing stars * after that workout you just put us through! *
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GregJS
    Oh, * I thought I was just * seeing stars * after that workout you just put us through! *
    Haha! That was a good one! Will blog it tomorrow.
    When I email the workout to Gmail then copy it here, all those stars show up.