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After a long rest

Week 45 - Tuesday

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I hit traffic on the way home from the office which delayed my swim 30mins or so and as a result I did a short high intensity workout. Our pool is closed next week and I am still looking for an alternate masters program in the Dallas metroplex for next wee, then we start up 6 mornings a week and I will be back at two a days in September; I can't wait. It's looking like I will be doing some USA-S meets this fall and likely a short Taper in late November or early December. I would prefer a short course meters meet than a short course yard meet, but I have not decided yet on the Taper meet. Back to today's workout. I focused on my kick set with a good warmup and warm down. Yesterday my lower back felt pretty tight so i decided to give the kick board a miss tonight and went with back kick.

500 free with snorkel
10x50 catchup on 45

Main set
10x150 kick with fins Best average on 2.30

Warm down
5x100 IM with 10 seconds rest

Total 3000scy

I went 1.24 on the first 5 and then went 1.25,1.26,1.25,1.27,1.24. I was so tired I could not get out of the pool and when I did get out my legs were very wobbly. I really need to work on my legs in the weight room as part of my workout this fall, but I know from prior experience I hate working on my legs! It always hurts so bad.

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