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After a long rest

Week 45 - Saturday

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I woke feeling good this morning. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel with my wife's car. We played the game with the dealers and by getting three dealers, two from the same manufacturer and one with a comparable vehicle but different manufacturer and we got the price we were after. I hate the car industries sales methodology but it is what it is. I think I can get more off the vehicle but my wife snapped last night and I have been banned from haggling any more.

Todays workout was fun.

500 free with snorkel holding 1.20 pace
400 free with snorkel holding 1.20 pace
300 free with snorkel holding 1.20 pace
200 free on 1.20 pace
100 free on 1.20 pace
10x50 on 40

Main set
15x50 with bungee cords tied to block on 1 min. I started with a bungee that looked like it was 5 feet long with no give but never made it to the other end and switched out for a normal bungee
100 easy
5x100 on 1.30 with fins best average

Warm down
200 easy breathing 3,5

Total 3500scy

The bungee cord work was good fun, but I could not believe the first cord that I was given. I don't know who would have been able to get to the end with it. My coach claims some of the senior boys can do it. I guess I need to get in the weight room again and work my kick and pull. After seeing the men's 800m at Nationals I realize how much hard work I have ahead of me over the next year. The 5x100s with fins were good fun and I built these by 25 and went 51,53,52,53,52.

Next week I am swimming with DAM at SMU so should get some good yardage in. The following week I am in DC so will see if I can swim with Alexandria Masters who I have swum with previously and really enjoy swimming with.

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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    I like that warm-up set, though I'd probably use it for a main set. The 50s at the end of it make you kick it up just a notch, that's good.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    It was definately different to our usual warmup. We tend to do a warmup, and a transition set that gets the heart rate going before getting to a main set or two. The transition set is usually fast but on an easier time than our main set.

    I am looking forward to stepping my workouts up next month, and finally I am getting some short and long term goals worked out. Just getting some direction is making me feel good already.