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08.12.13 - Tuesday workout

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by , August 13th, 2013 at 04:13 PM (708 Views)
Swam w/ Dave, Sam and my daughter. My daughter is 9 and has dreams of being on the MSA swim team. She doesn't like waking up in the morning so, this might be a one-time event. I wish I had more time to take her swimming in the afternoon. Tryouts are in 10 days and pool space is limited.

As for me, I felt pretty cruddy today. My speed was ok but my stomach wasn't agreeing with the workout.

On a positive note, I passed 500 miles for the year! New swim suit!

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Views:	192 
Size:	12.1 KB 
ID:	7840


600 Warm up

6 x 50 - :45
100 Easy

16 Rounds of:
* 100 Free - 1:15 (Evens pull)
* 100 Kick - 2:15
75 Easy

12 x 50 - 1:00, IM Order from dive
75 Easy

4 x 25 - :30, IM Order
4 x 25 - :25
4 x 25 - :20

200 Easy

(5450 Total)

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  1. BrendaL's Avatar
    Awe! My daughter is five and this is her second year on a local "swim league" swim team (they didn't have those where I hail from.) For what it's worth, I'm not sure who has more fun with her team, me or her. While she doesn't really "get" the competition part, she loves the social aspect of the swim meets and she adores her team mates beyond words. I can hardly wait for the day my girl wants to swim laps with me. So sweet!
  2. pmccoy's Avatar
    My 7 yr old son is into the social aspect of swimming. He isn't the fastest swimmer on the team but he is the happiest swimmer on the team. He's always smiling and having a great time. My daughter did make it back today but she has now sworn off swimming 2 days in a row. She even brought her own workout that she made up last night.