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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 5:30-6:45pm

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Another good day for a swim. Solo in a YMCA lap lane again...wonder what's wrong with the water?? Usually I'm always having to fight for lane space there, but that was a year ago when I was really swimming in the Y lap lanes. Maybe it's just end of summer slowdown for tri-folks or something?

This was only my 3rd swim of the month (one of them was the Longbridge race)...not bad for taking it easy like was originally intended.

400 Free
4 x 100 Free Pull @ 1:30 (1:10-1:12s)
200 Free

Set w/ short fins:
20 x 25 @ :30
Odds SDK on back, 1/2way underwater
Evens 5 of them Fly, 5 of them Back, also 1/2way underwater

6 x 150 Free @ Desc. Interval - just fast aerobic pace
2 @ 2:15, 2 @ 2:05, 2 @ 1:55 (I held them around 1:50 or so)
In my head I had intended to do 8, with 2 more @ 1:45, but I didn't want to kill myself.

100 EZ

12 x 75 Free Pull
4 Rounds of: 1 @ 1:05, 1 @ 1:00, 1 @ :55
I held them around :52s

500 Free w/ no walls - flip at the "T" and get going again. Similar to a non-stop open course without the advantage of wall pushoffs.

100 Cooldown

4000 Yards

My plan is to swim again on Friday, then go over to Seattle on Sunday for the IGLA Open Water event. I'm signed up for the 2 mile wetsuit category ('cause I'm a cold water wimp).
After that I'll swim a couple times in the next week, probably Monday and Wednesday, then will head down to Portland, Oregon for the Gil Young LCM Masters Meet at Mt. Hood Comm. College. I've gone to this most of the past few years, though not always in the greatest of shape. This year we'll just have to see. I'm sure I'll be fine, but not 100% like a month ago.
Swimming the 1500 Free on Friday, 800 Free, 100 Free, and 200 IM on Saturday, and the 50 Fly and 200 Free on Sunday.
Will enjoy staying with my grandparents for the weekend to visit with them again.

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