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After a long rest

Week 46 - Saturday

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Once again I got up early yesterday and headed down to SMU for a longer practice and the weather conspired against me. This time I actually got on the pool deck before the rain, thunder and lightening started. Today the weather was much better but a cool 68F before jumping in. The water in the pool was cool also, but nice. I did not get a chance to eat before practice today(I forgot to eat and did not bring anything with me in my bag for some reason - half asleep I think).

Warm up
400 free
6x100 on 1.30
10x50 swum 25 back kick, 25 free on 1min

Main set
8x75 swum 50 6 beat kick fast, 25 easy on coaches send off
6x100 pull with paddles descend 1-3, 4-6 on 1.30
12x50 on 50 swum 50 strong, 50 6 beat kick, 50 fast

Warm down
200 easy

Total 3500LCM

On the descending 100s I went 1.08, 1.05, 1.03, 1.13(paddle came off), 1.05, 1.03. Nothing else was really worth noting. Overall I felt ok today but not like I did earlier in the week. Next week I am in DC and will swim with the Alexandria Masters. If anyone is in the DC area these guys are awesome to practice with.

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