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Lessons Learned - Swimming Related

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by , November 4th, 2008 at 04:44 PM (642 Views)
In the four months since I started my "comeback", I have experimented with a few things, tried several local masters programs, and read extensively on this site and others. I believe I can go much faster than my new personal bests. Here is what I think I've learned:

Lesson 1: I need help! Most of the local masters programs are geared towards the open water crowd. I need to find someone who will be very picky about stroke mechanics. Luckily, there is a masters clinic at the end of the month AND IT IS LOCAL!!! Hopefully, I can get a few things straightened out (freestyle head position, breaststroke timing).

Lesson 2: 50s only through LCM. I am going to stick to my guns on this one, though I may swim the 100 IM if the event order works out.

Lesson 3: Base training. Up until now, I've avoided sets with repeats longer than 75 yards freestyle or 50 yards fly or breast (and I've done precious little stroke work anyway). I feel like I need to put more moderate to intense yards in to get my feel for the water back. I'm going to attempt to do 4 workouts plus 3 lifting sessions per week.

Lesson 4: Kicking. This was always a weakness for me in the glory days. I need to make it a strength.

To be continued...

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