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After a long rest

Week 47 - Monday

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A late post on this one. Yesterday was a crazy busy day with our annual technology conference at the Alexandria, va Hilton. As usual I had a great time and it's always fun to see and speak with customers. Yesterday was a long day though, with a morning swim with the Alexandria Masters and then a crazy day getting ready for the round table yesterday afternoon and then customer dinner in the evening. I stuck to eating healthy despite numerous cake temptations all day and still did not have a beer(almost 9 months now). I felt stiff and sluggish yesterday morning in practice and definately not as good as last week.

Warm up
200 swim, kick, drill, pull, swim

Main set
4x400 on 6 min
400 pace on 5.30
200 pace on 2.45
100 pace on 1.20
50 pace on 35

Warm down
50 swim,100 kick, 50 pull, 50 drill, 50 swim

Total 3650scm

I held 4.45-4.50 on the 400s.

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Updated August 20th, 2013 at 07:22 AM by StewartACarroll

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