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After a long rest

Week 47 - Tuesday

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I woke early this morning and headed to the pool at around 4.30am. The 5am start cam equickly and the water temperature felt cold. It took me the whole warmup to get to the point of the water not feeling painfully cold, but once I warmed up I enjoyed the workout. I did not feel particularly good today but I was glad I made the workout.

100 swim, kick, drill, pull, swim
8x50 fly, back by 25, odds kick, evens 1 arm drill rest 15
200 IM
8x50 back, breast by 25 odds pull, evens fist drill rest 15
200 IM
8x50 breast, free by 25 odds 3-2-1, catchup, evens fast rest 15
2x400 IM on 7 mins
100 swim, kick, drill, pull, swim

Total 3400 SCM

The only really quick swims of note today were the 2x400 IM's where I held 5.23 and 5.20. At some point in the future I will need to do a competitive IM(probably start with a 200 IM).

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