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Workout 08/22/13: OW

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Spent more time on my day off today tiling at the college. Getting to where we need the fixtures and also some more bullnose tile to complete everything - the two bathrooms on the 3rd floor are practically ready to grout and go, need to start the two on the 4th floor. Others have been coming in to help, so it is moving by much faster:

(12x12 tiles, five rows high, with an accent strip and bullnose on top)

So the Northeastern Baptist College where I have been helping actually had student orientation today, so I was able to say hello to the students. I was asked a couple of times if I would be taking any classes, and decided to audit Hermeneutics, a 100 level Bible course, after going to their cookout tonight. Since my schedule rotates every two weeks, I can work at my own pace to make up the Thursday evening class I miss, and not have to worry about taking tests (although I plan too).

I headed over to Lake Paren again and met up with Melissa, Tim, and GregJS for a nice swim. I brought my thermometer tonight; lake temp is a lovely 74 degrees. Did a slightly different loop, but still totaled 1.3km (well, that seems longer than 0.81 miles, right ) in 29.53 minutes, swimming to designated spots to regroup. Preston was on shore with a phone if needed, and Tim's family came with him while Melissa's hubby arrived to pick her up. A little more cloudy tonight, and the thunderstorms that were forecasted just rolled by (so we missed them).

(GregJS and I clearly have our towels mixed up; you'd surely rather see his chiseled upper body as opposed to my man boobies - note to self for next pic)

Two more swims lined up for next week, then the pool will be open again. Since Paren is so nice, I'll try to see how far into the fall I can keep going...

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  1. thewookiee's Avatar
    Don't worry about your moobs. Jimbo Thornton has been a leader in being proud of moobs. He is the president of MTLTM(men that love their moobs)

  2. GregJS's Avatar
    However you refer to them, I'd happily strap a pair on if they'd help me move through the water the way you do! Nice little swim - and the lightening started just as I was getting home.
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks Wookiee, I'm sure Mr. T. will enjoy my junior membership! Haha

    I'm glad you got home safely, Greg. I said a prayer for you when I stopped at the dairy bar.