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One Stroke at a Time

Sunday Swim

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by , August 26th, 2013 at 12:32 PM (519 Views)
August 25

150 (yes, I missed warm-up again)
6 x 125 kick on 2:10 build each 125 odds whip evens flutter
9 x 100 pull on 1:30 broken at the 75 for 5 seconds with the last 25 with one breath
4 x (50 breast on 1:10 descend then 250 on 3:50 swum as 200 free/50 back)
100 easy
3100 yards

This was the first Sunday practice I've made in several months. Sunday's are generally distance/pace and I was limited in my ability to do this. (The main set today was 7 or 8 rounds depending on the lane and intervals so I did about half of it). I debated not going but decided at the last minute to head over to the pool (leading to missing warm-up again). I'm a little jealous reading everyone's meet reports because I wish there had been another meet here this summer (The Houston area had one). I really enjoyed seeeing people from other teams and hanging out at the meet in June. I would like to do this again. I'll have to wait until November when there is a short course meters meet here (although I may be at a chess tournament with my son that weekend so I'll see).

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