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Without a swimming home!

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by , August 26th, 2013 at 01:54 PM (1337 Views)
We are 1 week into the annual 2 week Baylor Fitness Center pool cleaning. It seems like forever. So in the meantime, i'm swimming LCM at SMU at evening and/or weekend practices.

It's hard to say whether I am swimming well or not. The sets are quite different and honestly I don't really feel any need to prove myself, swim fast, or do anything extra special. In fact, I am now swimming in lane 4 to avoid the awful group dynamic and so I am leading the lane. I estimate I put in 87.5% blended effort, and modify some, but not as much as i'd like. Just trying to get through the next week without losing conditioning, sprint mode, or feel for the water. But I am also very conscious that I am only "treading water" and not making any attempt to "train" or "further fine-tune".

I'm not sure how fast I am going. LCM just doesn't translate. Here are some sample times:

6 x 100's pull on 1:55 desc. by 3: Held low 1:20 to 1:13's
50's pull on 1:00 held 36-28
A few 50's strong 33 high
100's kick - strong effort 1:18 with optimus fins; otherwise 45 ave per 50 on 150's kick.

So I don't think that's great, and i'm thinking the best thing to do is put on my TYR Burners and chase my swim times. Or wear my Speedo optimus fins and go my swim times.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I swam at SMU the week before last when the rockwall aquatic center was closed and really enjoyed the practices. Steve was the coach and I liked his workouts. I swam in the early morning sessions every day. You know you can always come out to Rockwall and swim with us.