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9|5|13 *edited for additional afternoon swim*

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by , September 5th, 2013 at 07:23 AM (237 Views)
SCM yesterday:
250 free/back (by the 25)
250 free/back (by the 25) WF

4 x 25 on 0:30

  • made them with few seconds each

8 x 25 free on 1:00 WF, hypoxic

  • 12-13's

SCY this morning:

10 x 50 free from block on 1:00

10 x 50 from block (25 free/25 back) on 2:00

Still having trouble perfecting my start

I'm not entering the water directly in a straight path of travel like a spear. Need to find the right balance of gravity, momentum, and streamline trajectory. My hands constantly dig in any which way they grab, and upon entry I get a great deal of water pressure on the undersides of my arms and upper body as if I'm falling. Then my legs arch forward in the air as I decelerate from drag. I've had a few dives that felt perfect, but it seems I've gotten myself in a habbit I can't break until I figure out what's going on.

SCY this afternoon:

200 drill/swim

14 50's from block, swim portions consisted of drills, free, breast, or back

10 x 25 flutter kick on 0:30

250 flutter kick, very hard effort for 8 seconds off each wall, then easy for remaining length

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