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One Stroke at a Time

Can I catch a break, please?

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by , September 6th, 2013 at 01:07 PM (2206 Views)
September 5, 2013

6 x (150 pull on 2:10 then 50 back on 50 with paddles)
12 x 75 on 1:20 25 swim IM order then 50 kick
2700 yards

I have been feeling a little better and had actually plotted out a plan to get caught up on some things that I had gotten behind on and then disaster struck. My youngest had a biking accident and is in the hospital for traumatic pancreatitis. He hit his belly with his handlebars on a fall and injured his pancreas (He is 6 and really skinny so there was no cushion). My husband and I are splitting time with him. He wants my husband to stay with him at night so I get to go home and sleep in a real bed). During the day, I've been sitting with him in the hospital watching some Looney Tunes and trying to distract him from the fact that he can't eat (and trying to convince him that the fluid going into his IV (Total Parental Nutrition) is actually food). When my husband came, I snuck in a little swim (while the older one was having practice). I came late and had a lane to myself (all the others had 4-5 people in them but no one had gotten in one of the lanes so I lucked out). I enjoyed the workout since it was peaceful being by myself.

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    I hope your son heals quickly! I agree, you should get to catch a break - this is too much. Glad you get the real bed and that swimming is a good respite.
  2. mcnair's Avatar
    So sorry to hear that; not what you needed... and no one wants to see their little ones in pain. You are such a strong person, but you probably feel a little helpless seeing someone you love in pain; and right when you need to focus so much of your energy on your own healing. We all support you and wish we could take some of the load off!
  3. Sojerz's Avatar
    Hope he is able to recover and leave the hospital soon and that life quickly returns to normal for all of you.