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After a long rest

Week 50 - Monday

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My coach is out this week in Alaska on a fishing vacation so he emailed me the weeks workouts after practice on Saturday. It's great to see what's coming but the down side is I woke this morning ahead of the alarm thinking about today's main set. I arrived at the pool early and was in the pool before any of the other swimmers arrived. Today's main set was really hard and the workout was another long one.

Warm up
400 with snorkel
6x50 catchup on 45
10x50 swim on 40 getting heart rate up

Main set
6x400 pull with paddles on 4.25
3x(4x25 drill on 40, 4x50 kick on 55, 100 back on 1.30)

Warm down
200 easy

Total 5000scy

I held 30-31s on the transition 50s but did not feel that great. The 400s were really hard and I aimed for 20 seconds rest. I ended up going 4.05,4.04,4.05,4.05,4.07,4.06. In particular 5 and 6 were rough and I was fighting a shortening stroke. I could tell I was shortening because my turns got further and further off as the last 2 400s progressed. I tried lengthening but it was really tough. The last set of the day was swum mainly as recovery, but I went 1.07-1.09 on the 100s back which I was pleased with. I will be very sore tomorrow based on my tris and Lat's as of right now. I may have to do some stretching tonight!

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