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Calvin S

Tuesday 9/10/13

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by , September 10th, 2013 at 10:46 PM (436 Views)
Tuesday 9/10

PM only SCY

300 swim w/ under H2O turns
6x25 @ :10 rest FR drill
4x50 @ :10 rest 25 side-kick/25 under H2O FL kick

9x300 @ 3:30 pull w/ buoy + paddles breathing 3-5-7 by 50 (held 3:15-3:17)

150 EZ

Total: 4150

Had to cut the workout short again today due to other business, not to mention Kyle was in a bad mood (the kiddies were pissing him off) and so the 300s set was started over (was 8 as written, did 2, started over, then did 7 more before he stopped everyone to move on). As I was leaving, they were restarting the next set they did, so I am glad I left when I did. Life's too short to redo sets due to other people's idiocy.

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