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HOORAY! Back to SCM and the Routine!

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by , September 14th, 2013 at 08:28 PM (497 Views)
Hooray school has started, our new assistant is working out great, and Baylor is open again and hopefully things will settle into the noon workout routine again.

I've been quite tired but the good news is I don't feel like I am completely starting over again. Here are the highlight main sets from this week. Of course I am modifying most things, and it's all about the 4 x 50's!

4 rounds, 1 each stroke:

4 x 25's on :45
37.5 fast
12/5 fast
pushoff + 4-6 strokes fast (which is actually at or past the 12/5)

then a fast 50 from the block

fly: 33
back: 35 high
breast: 40
free: 29

I made myself do this set. For each set, the actual workout was 2 x 100 IMs, then a 200 IM descend the 200 IMs (3 sets). I stayed and did the 4th set as the free.

8 x 50's on 1:10
Odd: Fast no-breath on last 12.5
Evens: Fast 1 breath on last 25
I did these all free

misc. bits then

8 x 50's on 1:10 again
Odd: First fast no breath 12.5
Even: First 25 fast 1 breath
I did odds stroke and evens all free

This set I liked because there is no truth like the truth of speed play. It's one thing to plod along at 80%, but very different to get up and go go go, especially on the last bits.

I'm going to focus on the 4 x 50's and it makes it funner to train because I can mix up the strokes.

I plan on swimming 3 USA meets in the Fall (Oct, Nov, Dec)
our local DAMM SCM meet (11/16)
and a very outside chance of a masters travel meet to Az for the Ron John, 11/23.

But I just don't know for sure. I may not feel like it. But I would like to visit my sister!

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