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Lunch Swim, after weights 9/14/13

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by , September 15th, 2013 at 05:22 PM (1878 Views)
I think I'm going to begin doing weights in the evening after work rather than in the mornings. Two advantages, one I am certain of, the other will tell; by going to the gym after work on MWF, I will get to sleep in on T & Th, plus, perhaps be a bit more productive those nights - currently I come home & generally veg out. (OR, I could go to the gym after work on T & Th & then in the afternoon/evenings on Saturday) - and hopefully by not doing weights immediately before I swim, I won't be so darn exhausted when I swim. I would like to be able to have more quality in my workouts every day I swim.
I have strained my right rotator cuff - not too badly - but enough that I bothered me so much that I took a flexeril on Friday night. Wish it had only been 5mg instead of 10mg, because I was blitzed Saturday morning & couldn't drag myself out of bed until about 10am. Went to the gym ~11 & then to the pool for a solo swim - I picked a Dave Salo workout for a change & was mentally up for it, but not physically. My muscles were just too tired (plus I didn't have the motivation of my team mates around me). I'm happy to say that I did do the majority of it well, even though I did not do the goal times for each set.

400 back/free
4 x 100 P (no paddles)
4 x 50 kick
100 easy
The next is done 3 times through:
2 x 25 P sprint on :30
2 x 50 P on 1:00; P200 - which means you go the pace you want to be on the 2nd 100 of your 200
100 @ 1:45; P200 again
Then: 3 x 100 @ 1:30; P500
Repeat the entire bit from the 25's through
300 breast/free

This was a thinking set as well as a doing set - plenty of rest, and time to think about why in the world I wanted to do this set today!!! But seriously, I had to sit down before I got out of the car & actually figure out what my P200 and P500's actually would be. Lots of rest - was still pooped by the end anyway.

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