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It's Been Over Four Years

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by , September 16th, 2013 at 02:06 PM (982 Views)
I haven't looked at this blog in a LONG time. And even though I got back in the water in January, I'm just now feeling motivated enough to start posting to it again. So, without further adieu:

SCY with Lunch-Time Masters at Jamerson YMCA

Warm Up
300 free
200 IM drill
100 anything

Main Set
2 x through:
5 x 50 fr pull @ 1:00
50 fr build @ 1:45
250 fr - every 4th 25 all out @ 4:45

50 easy

2 x through:
4 x 75 fr fast @ 1:20
2 x 50 fr @ 1:20
2 x 75 fr (25 left/25 right/25 swim)

Cool Down

The first half of the workout went pretty well. The 250s hurt a bit, especially that first 25 after the all-out 25s. Plus, I probably held back just a bit on the all-out part.
The 75s fast started off pretty poorly since I was still tired from the 250s and I finished them in ~ 1:10. The second time around, they felt much better and I finished them in ~ 1:00. The one-armed swims are starting to help my significantly weaker left side. My stroke is starting to feel a bit more balanced.

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