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Experimenting with 50s

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by , September 18th, 2013 at 01:30 AM (562 Views)
Today I decided to follow through on some Rushall sets... begin to gauge my fitness as I start race-pace training for the short-course season. I went back and looked at my best times in the events that I really want to focus on for this coming season: 200 back, 200 fly, 400 IM. Just a month ago I time-trialed a 200 fly from push and swam 3:21--a :50.25 average pace per 50. In the not too distant future I'd like to swim it in :45/50 pace, but I thought I better take it a step at a time and try to settle in at :48. The same goes for 200 back, for which my PR is 3:16 in a meet context... I really want to break 3:00 this year, but I'll start with breaking 3:10, a :47.5/50 pace. For 400 IM, I'm pretty close to 6:30... of course I'd love to be closer to 6:00, but we'll take it a little at a time. If my 100 fly is in the low 1:30s and I can follow with a 1:40 back and 1:50 breast, then I should be able to manage 100 free in the 1:20s to bring the 400 IM in under 6:30.

With that in mind, and after re-reading Rushall, I decided to see where I was. Here's what I did:

WU (1000):
400 EZ swim on 8:00 (alt. 100 fr w 100 pull)
4 x 100 IM on 2:15 (all right at 1:40)
4 x 50 fr on 1:00 (all in :38)

10 x 50 fly on :20 RI*
200 recovery (pull and fr) on 4:00
10 x 50 bk on 20: RI**
200 recovery (bk and fr) on 4:00
20 x 25 br on :40 (held :27 most of the set... these felt awful)
200 recovery (fr/pull) on 4:00
10 x 50 fr on 1:00***
200 recovery (pull/fr/bk) on 4:00

CD (600):
8 x 50 on 1:00 in 4IMO (:48, :50, :51, :50, :58, :58, :48, :44 = 6:47)
200 EZ (fr and bk)

TOTAL: 4200 SCY/85 minutes

*Following Rushall's prescription that rest be set at :20 for 50 repeats, I decided to see how long I could hold a pace under :50 for fly... once I missed that target, I would skip the next rep. I managed to do 8 of the 10. And the lactic acid build up wasn't too bad. My times were: :45, :47, :48+, :50, x, :48, :49, :50, x, :48 (x marks the reps I skipped because I missed the target on the previous rep).

**I finished the whole set of back with reps between :45 and :49, mostly :47-:48. The :20 RI was difficult to keep track of with odd numbers though... not so much knowing when to start the next rep, but figuring out how fast the rep just completed was.

***On breast and free I decided just to go on a set interval which was close to my goal rest interval (:10-:15 for 25s, :20 for 50s). These frees were really tough, I held :40 for most of the set, but missed two reps with :41s.

I know these sets are not really long enough at this point (Rushall suggests 20 x 50 at 200 race pace), but this is a good place to start. I knew that beginning with fly was going to make the rest of the workout more challenging too. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I know that my work in the weight room is slowing me down for now, but hope that there will be benefits later as my body adapts and gets stronger. Here's what I did after the short cool-down:

60-70 supine leg lifts/flutter kicks
20 crunches
:30-:40 in front plank position
3 x 12 hanging leg lifts
3 x 12 squats (w/ 135 lbs)
3 x 5 kipping chin-ups
3 x 10 push-presses (w/ 55 lbs)
3 x 5-6 pull-ups
3 x 10 push-ups
3 x 10 lunges w/ 20-lb DBs
3 x 12 seated rows
3 x 12 incline press w/ 20-lb DBs
3 x 12 upright rows w/ 20-lb DBs

After the core work (ending with the plank) I super-set everything; so I alternated exercises in the following pairs, little to no rest between sets: leg-lifts/squats, chin-ups/push-presses, pull-ups/push-ups, lunges/seated row, incline presses/upright row.

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