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Calvin S

Wednesday 9/18/13

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by , September 18th, 2013 at 09:08 PM (520 Views)
Wednesday 9/18

PM only SCY

300 swim
6x25 @ :45 FL kick under H2O
8x50 @ 1:00 odd: k/dr even: dr/sw I.M.O.

8x25 @ :40 FL breathing every 5
3x150 @ 1:45 BK/BR/FR (fastest I ever managed was a 1:41, most of these were 1:44/1:45 touch-and-go...but I did make them all)
200 @ 3:30 FL or BR kick

300 EZ

Total: 3700

Had to leave early to run some errands, so I didn't get a third round of the main set (it was 3x as written). Very challenging on the 150s. It is funny how 200 I.M.s on 2:20 would have been easier for me to make than those 150s at the same pace because the 50 FL allows me to get so far ahead of the clock. Having to start with a fast 50 BK was rough for a non-backstroker like myself!

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